Preparing Market Plan                   

If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll probably end up somewhere else. Most small businesses are oriented toward day-to-day operations…without a long-range guidance system in place.

Lotus Leaf Marketing Solutions has a proven, structured approach to evaluating our clients’ business situation, revealing lucrative market opportunities and mapping out an effective strategic path.  We help to develop effective Marketing Solutions that get results.

Our Marketing planning process involves the following:

Strategic Visioning
Develop the client’s vision (preferred future), mission statement and core values

Organization Assessment
Assess and report on people, process and structure to benchmark against best practices

Lean Enterprise Review
Conduct Value Stream Mapping and 5S projects to reduce waste and increase productivity

Situation (SWOT/PEST) Analysis
Evaluate client strengths and weaknesses, and external opportunities and threats

Market Research
Gather voice-of-the-customer data, and analyze the industry and competitive landscape

Strategic Development
Establish measurable objectives and align strategies to launch priority initiatives

Strategic Planning Retreats
Facilitate teams to gain consensus on strategic prioritizes and resource allocation

Action Plans
Develop a budget and tactics aligned to strategic priorities to implement strategic plan




Brand Development

Branding is not a supplement to marketing and advertising…it is the foundation. It’s the process of strategically positioning and promoting a product, person, service or company to become better defined, distinct and “top-of-mind” among targeted audiences. Success requires a compelling and relevant brand platform.

Lotus Leaf Marketing Solutions develops brand strategies that distinguish our clients and advance them to a leadership position in their market space.

Our internal and external branding services include:

  • Corporate Identity
    Vision, naming, logos, taglines, stationary package, specialty merchandise, wearables and signage
  • Brand Architecture
    Establish the organizational structure in which the brands within a portfolio are coordinated
  • Positioning
    Develop and frame a unique value proposition (and brand personality) valued by target audiences




Advertising & Digital

To fully maximize return on marketing investment, lead generation, sales conversion and customer retention strategies must incorporate the right mix of messaging, imaging, voice and media (communication channels).

Too often advertising (traditional and digital), PR and sales promotion don’t make the cash register ring. In addition, merely appealing to “today’s” consumers isn’t enough; you need to instill brand recall for tomorrow’s consumers.

Lotus Leaf Marketing Solutions produces creative advertising and digital promotion that get noticed and remembered.

  • Concept & Creative
    The look, feel and voice—imaging and messaging—of all communications, technology and tactics
  • Media Services
    Research, plan, negotiate, place, track and manage media buys, advertising and PR campaigns
  • Campaigns
    Integrated advertising, direct, digital, events, POS and PR—including sales and service alignment
  • Production
    TV, radio, print, interactive (web video), sales collateral, point-of-sale, display, outdoor and packaging
  • Digital Marketing
    Search engine optimization, online advertising, email, mobile, apps and social media integration
  • Pricing Strategy
    Developing and aligning price points based on value perception (cost-plus through premium strategies)
  • Distribution Strategy
    Establishing channels, partners and logistics that reduce cost, and maximize control and coverage
  • Sales Systems
    Developing and aligning technology, processes and people to maximize lead conversion and value




Website Development

Web Design that create your presence worldwide & it’s a mirror of your business.

Lotus Leaf Marketing Solutions designs and develops professional looking and functioning websites for businesses that want to stand out in the industry, and increase their brand awareness and sales.

Effective website design requires a balance of imaging, messaging and functionality.

There are a number of steps in our website design and development process to ensure the balance is well aligned to your business objectives :

  1. Information Gathering & Assessment
  2. Sitemap and Wireframe Planning
  3. Aesthetic & Functional Design
  4. Coding and Development
  5. Deployment, Testing and Launch
  6. Marketing, SEO & Post Maintenance



Mobile Marketing

Mobile penetration continues to grow worldwide, and Mobile Marketing opportunities are expanding year on year. India is the fastest growing base of mobile subscribers in the world!  The advantage of Mobile Marketing is that it gives clients one-on-one direct access to customers and potential customers, is targeted and is cost effective method.


Mobile Marketing can be leveraged for:

  • New product launch and sales promotion
  • Thematic Ad-based promotions
  • Running contests and issuing mobile coupons
  • Conducting market research
  • Getting consumer feedback

At End To End we offer the entire bouquet of Mobile Marketing services so that our clients can build a database, reach the right consumers, draft the most appealing message and track responses. We provide customized solutions that help our clients reach their customers in an interactive.




Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a valuable tool in the Direct Marketing mix. With Email Marketing, Clients can reach substantial numbers of customers and potential customers who opt in to receive e-mail communications on the clients’ offering. Email Marketing also allows marketers to reach out to their customers with personalized, relevant and dynamic messages.

Lotus Leaf Marketing Solutions help clients create an updated marketing database so they can focus their efforts on the right

We have a proprietary Master Database that we leverage for our clients’ marketing needs.

In some of cases – Our database-led marketing capabilities when combined with our TeleServices strengths makes for a potent combination.



Social Media Marketing

In today’s digital life  we can catch attention of all age groups customers by social media.

Nearly 11 hours of an average internet and smartphone user are spent online daily. Prospective customers wandering on the net, as that gives major scope to business to attract the customers

social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc, have become an integral part of businesses’ social existence.

Lotus leaf Marketing Solutions can support you to market your product on social media by arranging social media campaign for your company.

Process involve

Create Facebook page for your organization

We can run specific contest or advertising

Develop social marketing programs which is beneficial for increasing search result

Taking video marketing to next level and creating video that appeals to masses with an innovative approach




Marketing Guidance:  


We provide a full range of marketing service for your business, whether you need specific guidance for your business.


Lotus Leaf Marketing Solutions has an impressive track record of working with many professional experts in many sectors. We understand the challenges that businesses can face, with many not having  the resources to properly manage a marketing function. By outsourcing marketing to us, we can help you to develop and deliver strategies and plans that will promote your products and services and grow your business.


Our aim is to attract customers to your business and build your sales and profitability through highly targeted marketing investment that is aligned to your business objectives.


So, whether you want help to create a marketing strategy and action plan, develop a brand, build a new or optimize an existing website, leverage social media & digital marketing, launch new products,

write compelling copy for media campaigns


or just want some new strategic ideas and creative thinking, contact us to discuss how we can help you grow your business.